Making changes that matter … to you!

"You can't stop the waves but you can learn to surf" John Kabat-Zin 

Our History 

Change Essentials is a woman-owned small business (WOSB) established in Northern Virginia.


Founded by Sara Keenan in 2015, we provide US federal and commercial clients with highly effective change-related services at the individual, group, team and organizational level. Our team has deep expertise successfully supporting clients as they navigate change. 

Clients include USDA, Booz Allen, FDA, NRC, DOE, Alion, VeriSign, JRC Systems Integrated, World Bank, Plotwatt and Astra Zeneca.

Our DUNS number is 079875780.

Originally from Ireland, Sara Keenan is certified in organizational change management and leadership coaching through Georgetown University. She has 20+ years experience doing the change management associated with large systems implementations, reorganizations and culture change initiatives. She worked as a performance consultant and finance manager for Booz Allen Hamilton as well as leading a fast growing health business unit in a small consulting firm. Sara has been supporting federal and commercial clients throughout her career. 

Why Change? 

Sometimes you want to change to make things better for yourself or your organization and sometimes you have to change to survive. The world is perpetually in motion and the pace of change is accelerating. Changes affecting us include:

  • the complexity of situations we face

  • the amount of information coming at us

  • the number of things we are responsible for

  • the amount of resources we have

  • the regulations governing our work, and

  • the systems and processes we use to do our work.

At Change Essentials we specialize in supporting you as you navigate complex changes at the individual, group, team and organizational level while ensuring you have the resilience to thrive rather than merely survive the changes coming at you.

Most of us don’t like change – it can be stressful, unpredictable, scary, complicated and hard to understand so we resist. Change has a strong emotional component to it that we need to recognize and address or we risk failing to make the changes we want and need to make.

The Celtic Symbol for Change 

Our Change Approach

At Change Essentials we believe that to enable effective change you need:                       GRACE 

Goals – define your desired outcomes. What do you want or need to change?

Readiness/Desire to Change – is now the right time to make this change? Are you or your organization ready to make changes? Commitment is key to follow through and success.

Assess your current state – where are you now? What’s it going to take to get from here to where you want/need to be? You need to build strong self and situational awareness. Analyze your options. Awareness enables choices.

Choose - which changes are the right ones to make? Empower yourself and your organization with the right choices - not all choices are created equal and in complex changes there is some sequencing to be done as change is not a linear process.

Execute – are you ready and able to implement the right changes? Follow through is key. Then together we evaluate effectiveness, course correct as necessary and work together to sustain the changes.

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