Introduction to Employee Engagement! 

Do you remember a time when you felt really energized and committed in your work? You probably felt excited and time flew by. You may even have been producing your best work ever. Maybe you had a great boss or you felt strongly committed to your organization’s mission. Whatever the underlying driver, you were really engaged in your work. Highly engaged workers tend to stay longer in organizations, and produce better results. They are more willing to go above and beyond to get the job done tapping into a strong sense of emotional commitment that supersedes their basic rational commitment (to a job, a pay check etc.) Unfortunately right now research shows that more employees tend to be disengaged than engaged, some to the degree of merely doing the bare minimum to get by!

Engagement Barometer

Assessing and Strengthening Employee Engagement

At Change Essentials we get excited about assessing the drivers and derailers/drainers behind employee engagement. We like working out what’s motivating and demotivating people, what’s adversely and positively affecting their level of commitment and then helping you make changes that strengthen employee engagement in measurable ways.

We have assessed employee engagement through targeted surveys, interview and focus groups at large commercial organizations. Our findings and subsequent action plan to address those findings have resulted in a 1% increase in retention rates within 1-2 years saving organizations significant dollars. We have analyzed the annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (EVS) data for large and small federal organizations, reported the findings to senior leaders and worked with key organizational stakeholders to create and implement robust EVS implementation plans designed to move the needle positively on targeted engagement factors.


If you need help with your EVS engagement data or need to assess your organization’s current levels of engagement, Change Essentials can partner with you to get you what you need. 

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