Introduction to Group Change and Leadership Development 

Sometimes organizations need to develop their managers and leaders in cost effective ways. Group coaching can be a highly effective way of developing individuals in a “low dose high frequency” way – i.e. a small amount of focused development delivered to the group every couple of weeks/once a month with time to apply what they are learning in between sessions. This method has several advantages:

  • Peers learn that they face similar challenges

  • Strong cross organizational relationship are built

  • Participants experience less time away from work

  • Participants learn a similar language/methodology which becomes a shared organizational language – this increases the chances of the new learning being embraced in the organization

  • Participants have a chance to apply what they learn and strengthen their skills over time

  • Participants build their coaching capacity in addition to learning new targeted skills and

  • The program costs less than traditional 1:1 coaching  


Change Essentials has designed, managed and facilitated group coaching and tailored leadership development programs for 10-150 participants in both commercial and federal organizations. Some programs have focused on building specific competencies such as leadership resilience or managing conflict. Other programs focused more broadly on meeting the Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) to include leading change, leading people, getting results, building coalitions and business acumen. Our highly regarded programs have included assessments such as Myers Briggs, the Conflict Dynamics Profile and DiSC as well as 1-1 coaching to reinforce participant learning. The programs have been transformative for many participants and have resulted in more confident leaders who have received a higher rate of promotion and success than their peers.

Approach to Group Change and Leadership Development 

Types of Group Change and Leadership Development 

Our group change process involves:

Partnering with you to assess what will be most beneficial to participants

Designing a tailored and highly interactive group coaching or leadership development program best suited to meeting participant and organizational needs

Managing the logistics to execute a smooth program

Facilitating the program to meet both group and individual development needs

Evaluating outcomes to assess effectiveness and sharing relevant program insights with you

Change Essentials has experience in:

  • Designing and delivering highly effective, interactive tailored skill building sessions on many topics such as transitioning from individual contributor to peer, strategic thinking, influence, effective feedback, conflict management, and presentation skills

  • Setting up and managing group coaching programs

  • Running small-large leadership development programs focused on building specific skills or broader leadership capacity. These programs can be offered in person or online

  • Integrating coaching and assessments into leadership development programs

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the programs

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