Individual Change - Introduction

Sometimes we have to change because the pain of the status quo has become too much for us to bear. Sometimes we have to change to survive. Sometimes we have to change because our boss or significant other told us to! Sometimes we want to change because we want to improve and grow. The change we need to undertake can be radical or incremental. Having coached hundreds of individuals, we have learned that the biggest success factor in individual change is your desire and willingness to change.


At Change Essentials we have spent years coaching individuals through personal and professional change, and partnering with leaders as they guide their teams and organizations through significant change. Garnered from the experience of coaching individuals at all organizational levels, from front line supervisors to senior executives, we have adopted the following approach to coaching individuals effectively through change:

Practical, Focused and Flexible – we are down to earth not esoteric or abstract. We focus on what will work for you in your particular organization/situation and adapt our coaching accordingly. We tailor our coaching to ensure you get the results you want. We identify what’s meaningful to you and what would improve your life/organization for the better

We are not about changing who you are - fundamentally there is nothing wrong with you – it’s usually about changing your mindset/limiting beliefs or behaviors to get you more of the results you want

Honest – there is no point in pretending the emperor has clothes. Honesty is a valuable and precious commodity used too little in working relationships particularly when it comes to dealing with tough issues and difficult conversations. We are honest in our coaching relationships sharing valuable insights and objective feedback

Non-judgmental – we want you to be comfortable saying what you need to say without fear of judgment or that we have a hidden agenda. Our only agenda is to support you in enabling the change you want to happen. We will create a safe space for you to engage in conversations that mean a great deal to you

Humanistic – our coaching might be work-focused but we are all humans who have lives outside work that sometimes affect work and vice versa. We don’t ignore that, we embrace that. We try to introduce lightness and share personal stories to support your learning and growth. We want to build a strong working relationship with you based on trust and respect

Types of Individual Change Support

Change Essentials has experience with:

  • 1 on 1 coaching for midlevel and senior managers – can be focused broadly on leadership or targeted to meet specific skills/competency needs

  • Group coaching – a cost effective means of offering facilitated coaching support to a group of individuals in a way that builds their leadership capacity and relationships over time

  • Team coaching – intense work focused on supporting all the individuals on a senior leadership/critical project team accomplish their goals while strengthening their working relationships

  • Assessments such as Myers Briggs, DiSC or 360s integrated into coaching – that includes a range of standard 360 assessments and tailored interview-based 360s

  • Setting up, managing, implementing and evaluating small-large coaching programs for commercial and federal organizations from 10-150 participants

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