Introduction to Resilience 

Given how complex and fast paced the world has become, and how stressful life can be as we seek to juggle work and careers with family and other responsibilities, all of us can benefit from being as resilient as possible. The ability to bounce back from adversity and other curve balls that life throws at us is invaluable as we navigate our way through life's twists and turns. Don't let life knock the stuffing out of you, learn the research underpinning resilience and use accessible tools and resources to strengthen your personal or your organization's resilience. 

Cultivating Resilience

Cultivating Resilience® is a 6 month practical, highly interactive, research-based program designed by Change Essentials specifically to strengthen individual resilience. Offered through a cohort format virtually, in-person or in a blended format, the high level program objectives are:

  • Discover what resilience is and the scientific research supporting its importance.

  • Use a resilience self assessment to baseline your current level of resilience.

  • Learn proven strategies, tips and tools to enhance your resilience.

  • Apply what you learn between sessions to deepen your learning on the job. Report back on your progress to your peers at the next session to strengthen accountability.

  • Strengthen your resilience through targeted 1:1 coaching sessions.

  • Create a plan for continuing to strengthen your resilience beyond the program.

A typical Cultivating Resilience® program is outlined below however, the program can be customized to meet organizational needs – e.g. tailored case studies can be used, the flow can be truncated into smaller modules, a blend of in person and online delivery formats can be used, and the amount of 1:1 targeted coaching can be increased.

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