Introduction to Team Change

These days teams are faced with constant changes: members coming and going; limited resource allocation; goals and deadlines changing; organizational restructuring etc. The pace and pressure can be unrelenting. As a result, the quality of work products and relationships can suffer and processes break down.  Being on a struggling team can be a painful and stressful experience. Trying to lead a team facing constant change can be like trying to build an airplane while it’s in flight! Conflict can emerge, clarity wanes, it takes longer and becomes more painful to complete work and there seems like no easy solution. At Change Essentials we have spent years working with:

  • Teams who are starting up to get them off the ground in the right way

  • Teams who are in midflight and just need a solid tune up and

  • Teams that are struggling to deal with change effectively.


We’ve worked with midlevel teams and very senior teams. We don’t focus on “feel good” flash in the pan team building events that serve as a momentary salve and then fade into nothingness. We focus on identifying the root causes of the issues the team is experiencing so that we can support effective team development and create change that lasts. Recognizing that team development is a process, we deliver our team coaching and consulting services over time, using proven team effectiveness models that understand complex team dynamics and focus on getting work results that matter to teams. We seek to understand the work of the team while strengthening relationships, processes and desired outcomes. We effectively support teams as they navigate changes imposed on them or sought by them.  

Approach to Team Change

Approach to Team Change

Garnered from years of experience working effectively with midlevel to senior teams, at Change Essentials our approach to teams is:

Work and relationship-focused – what is the work that this team needs to do to be successful? How can they work together most effectively? What outcomes need to be reached? How will success be measured?  

Highly tailored - just like each individual is different so is each team. There is no one size approach that fits all teams so we tailor our approach to ensure it will get optimal results for your specific team’s needs

Structured to be delivered over time - change takes time. You learn something new, you apply it, you learn from the application and you keep practicing until it becomes second nature. So it is with teams – we learn new information, makes agreements to do things a certain way, try them out between team effectiveness sessions, come back together to discuss the results and continue to build on the momentum gained from applying what you learned as a team. This significantly increases the chances of delivering change and results that last

We approach team effectiveness in a way that strengthens trust and openness on the team. We role model this in our interactions with you, apply the right tools and strategies such as the “Five Cohesive Behaviors of a Team” model and share what we have learned from our work experience leading effective teams

Build key skills needed for the team to perform effectively. We integrate skill building into our sessions as needed so that senior leaders learn critical skills such as influencing, strategic thinking and leading change, and mid level teams learn how to manage change, leverage strengths and deal with conflict

We have found working with the senior leadership team in a team coaching or team consulting capacity as the organization undergoes significant change to be particularly effective in aligning the leadership team, and ensuring consistent leadership and messaging from the top down. This strongly increases the likelihood of successful outcomes from the organizational change occurring.

Types of Team Change

Change Essentials has experience conducting:

  • New team start up and new leader acceleration programs

  • Tailored team effectiveness programs

  • Team structure and process consulting

  • Tailored team assessments

  • Team skill building sessions


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